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Call for Contributions - v.4 n.1 (2019)

Deadline: 28th February 2019

Novos Debates is an academic journal sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (ABA) and primarily focused on the publication of students and young scholars work. It intends to be a dynamic platform of dissemination of ongoing research, as well as to propitiate a critical space for discussion of theoretical, methodological, and political contemporary issues in Anthropology. Novos Debates creates a dynamic space of necessary dialogue, critique, and discussions for the training of new generations of anthropologists.


New Research

We invite students and researchers in Anthropology and related fields, at all levels of training, to send contributions on ongoing or recently completed research. Considering that the purpose of this section is to promote the work of young scholars, we publish short texts with a clear and succinct presentation of the author’s project, which includes: research questions, theoretical framework, methodology, and ethnographic data. Contributions presenting good articulation between ethnographic data (or archive, in the case of works on the History of Anthropology) and theoretical analysis will be privileged in relation to those focused on literature review. 



The Forum section of this number is dedicated to “Anthropology in times of crisis”. Guest authors will address the issue of research conditions on indigenous populations in view of the recent political setbacks in Brazil, on refugees in Europe, as well as the management of humanitarian and social policies aimed to homeless people in France.



We invite researchers to send contributions to the Opinion section, which is open to critical texts on various academic and societal topics, such as: the indigenous issue, sexual rights, political demonstrations, training in Anthropology, academia, etc.



We will accept photographic essays and ethnographic videos to be commented by senior researchers. Authors may suggest names to that end.

The photographic essays must comprise a title and the author’s name, in addition to a 400 words length presentation of the research and the suggestion of a researcher to comment on her/his work. Essays may contain up to 10 photos in at least 300 dpi resolution. Descriptions are optional. Authors are supposed to complete and sign the "Copyright Statement” ("Declaração de Direito Autoral") available in our website.

There is no length limit for videos. Submission will require the sending of a text file (.doc or docx) informing: (a) the link of the video (available on Youtube or Vimeo); (b) the directors’ names, year of production, format and duration; (c) a comment about the video/movie with a maximum of 200 words, including spaces; and (d) the "Copyright Statement" ("Declaração de Direito Autoral”) available in our website.



We accept the submission of reviews of publications, artistic and ethnographic exhibition and of recent films that are of potential interest to the anthropological reflection.



Finally, we welcome interviews with researchers, public agents, and members of social movements, which may be submitted to the editorial evaluation. For now, we will accept interviews only in text format.


Submissions must meet rigorously the following guidelines

  1. Contributions should be sent in doc or docx format untill the 28th of February 2019 via the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  2. We will accept texts in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.
  3. The submission message must indicate in the subject field the section to which the contribution is meant.
  4. Novos Debates is open to contributions from other disciplines beyond Anthropology, as long as its potential interest to the anthropological community is made clear.
  5. The guidelines for publication are as follows: source: Times New Roman 12; Spacing: 1.5; Margins: 2.5 (above and below) and 3.0 (side). The lenght of the texts is no longer than 9000 characters (including spaces but excluding references) for New Research and Reviews sections, and a maximum of 20000 characters for Interviews.
  6. The use of images and other kinds of resources (videos, drawings, sounds, etc.) is welcome.
  7. References format are the same as those required by Vibrant. We underline the fact that the perfect standardization of the references will be especially observed for the evaluation.
  8. Files must be in Word format (“.doc” or ".docx") and include author’s full name, institutional affiliation, research grant (if applicable), email and link to the Curriculum Lattes (if applicable), alike the format adopted in Novos Debates previous issues.

Clik here for the model of copyright statement (in Portuguese)


Chief editors of Novos Debates

Estevão Rafael Fernandes
(Universidade Federal de Rondônia)

Mariane da Silva Pisani
(Universidade de São Paulo - Brasil)

Vinicius Kauê Ferreira
(École des Hautes Études en Science Sociales - Paris